Guess my Albertsons Savings!

Guess My Albertsons Savings!  

Before discount and coupons these items would have cost me over $114.00
I bought:
7- Pillsbury grand biscuits rolls
8- Progresso soup
5-Betty Crocker friut snacks
2 -Packs of bread
5- Venus 3 pack razors
5-Band Aid First Aid kits
This is a little game we play every week, All you need to do is leave a comment with your name and an exact dollar amount guessing how much you think I paid for these items.  The person who is the closest to the actual $ amount will win a prize. I love hearing from you, so leave a comment and maybe you will win! I will end this contest Feb. 21 at 8pm  THIS CONTEST HAS ENDED……to see the winner and all the details click here

18 Responses

  1. I am sure you got the rolls, soup & fruit snacks for free. Then you probably used a catalina for the rest. Part of me wants to say you didn't pay anything at all, but I'm going to guess $3.

    I can't wait to hear what you did, so I can see if I can repeat it. 🙂

  2. I too was gonna guess $3 but since that is taken I will say $3.75

  3. I’m going to say overage of $4.50.

  4. I think that you payed $12.36. hope i am close somewhat

  5. I am guessing $2.36. Great job Sarah!

  6. $1.14.
    What is a catalina, btw?

  7. I think you paid 2.74. You are such a thrifty shopper!

  8. IDK……follow this link to see what a catalina

  9. I’m trying really hard to do the same things you are doing. I am getting closer and closer every time. I’m going to guess that you paid .50 cents for it all because of the good catalina deals that there is.

  10. I am with poster #1. Wasn’t this such a good sale! Great job! I used a catalina on bread last week myself and got 6 loafs almost free. I love the whole wheat and it freezes so well.

    Anyway, I will guess that you spent $2.

    Oh, and I love your new layout!

  11. I was going to guess $3 too, so instead I will say $2.75

  12. I think you got it for free…and made out with $4.00!

  13. I like saying what was out of pocket there is no way to say what catalinas you may have left over from a previous sale, so that aide the biscuits were free we know you probably got paid 1.10 to buy the progresso and the snacks you could have gotten paid 1.50 to buy the first aid kits free with the 1.00 off coupon and you have sooooo many razors those must have been the same as last time I don’t remember lets say free. I would say you got paid about 2.00 to buy these thigs.

  14. I am going to say 3.25. Did you find the .55cents off coupon on the bread. you can’t find good bread for that cheap anywhere anymore.

  15. My guess is $1.76

  16. I’m thinking you spent $2.20

  17. $1.19

  18. My thoughts are 8.85

    Might seem a little high, but those venus razors are not cheap! Probably not even going to be close, but hey, it is fun right!?!

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