Coupons 101 part 4 – How to organize coupons

Coupons 101 PART 4 How to organize your coupons
(To read my earlier post click link Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)
Once you starts to collect coupons you will notice very quickly they turn into a huge pile of clutter.  The only way I will use coupons is if I can easily find them, and have them organized.  Everyone has their own way, I have used several different methods but this is what works for me.  This is a photo of my coupon binder, I found the binder at Walmart for $24 it seems to cover all my needs. 

In the front on my binder I have clear sheet protectors , I have them labeled for my catalina coupons and one for rebates for the month.  I also have one for each store I shop at example, Albertsons, Target, Walgreens…. In side of each pocket I can put that weeks ad, coupons I plan to use at that store etc.  That way if I don’t want to haul my whole binder in with me, I can just take that stores packet.  But most the time I take my whole binder in with me, because I never now what I might find on clearance, or sale….and I will need my coupons for that.

I have 20 sections in my binder, each of which have several categories.  I use 3 ring photo sheets, some have a spot for 4 photos and others only hold 3.  I know some people use card collection sheets to hold their coupons.  But I found the sections were too small for my coupons.  One thing I like about using the binder I can always add or take out a page as my needs change.

I love that I can zip it closed, when I used a box I was always spilling my coupons all over the place.  The binder keeps every thing in place really well.

Before I up graded to getting 6 papers a week, I used these small photo albums you can find for $1 just about anywhere.  I clipped holes in the side and put them in my day planner.  This worked great when I only got one paper.  But now that I get 6 Sunday papers, I quickly out grew my day planner.
These are the categories I have in my binder,
  1. Dairy – milk, Ice cream, yogurt,  sour cream, cottage cheese, butter, cheese, other dairy
  2. Breakfast- Kellogg’s cereal, Post cereal. GM cereal, other cereal, granola bars, Quaker products,  breakfast mix, frozen breakfast, other breakfast
  3. Beverages- soda, fruit juice, veggie juice, powdered, other
  4. Canned- fruit, veggies, soup Campbell’s, soup other, broth, chili, sauce, other
  5. Condiments- mayo, pickles, olives, salad toppings, salad dressings, ketchup, mustard, peanut butter, jelly, other
  6. Grains- Dry pasta, mac& cheese, Hamburger helper, rice, side dishes, potatoes, baking- Brownies, cake, muffin, frosting, sugar, oil, flour, other
  7. Snacks- fruit snacks, nuts, popcorn, gum, candy, chocolate, crackers, cookies, chips, other
  8. Frozen-  bread, rolls, pizza, dessert, pasta, veggies, dinners, meat, Asian, other
  9. Food misc.- diet, health, Mexican, Asian,  meat, other
  10. Baby- diapers, soap, food, other
  11. Medication- laxatives, aspirin, Tylenol, cough drops, muscle pain, cold meds, tums and pepto, first aide supplies, other
  12. Paper – tissue, t.p., napkins, paper plates, cups, Ziploc bags, glad bags, other
  13. Soap- hand soap, body wash, Dove product’s, Olay products, Shampoo with 2 full sheets,  
  14. Personal care- deodorant, feminine, razors, shave gel, 
  15. Toothpaste-  Colgate, crest, kids, mouthwash, toothbrush, 
  16. Make up- cover girl, olay, Revlon, maybelline, other, skin care, lotion, chap stick,
  17. Dish soap-  liquid, powdered, laundry soap and products,
  18. Home- other cleaners, carpet, floor, window, Clorox, Lysol, bathroom, glade, air wick, oust, febreze,
  19. Pets- food, care, other
  20. Batteries
This is my system and it works great for me.  

6 Responses

  1. Sarah, You truly are amazing! I read your Kashi bar post and printed out the coupons. I have never done that before and I am SO excited to go to Target and get them for FREE!!! How did you get into this?? How long have you been doing it? Where do you get 6 Sunday papers? I have a million questions but I’ll resist (LOL)

  2. I have finally gotten a binder like yours! I found one (almost identical) at Walmart last night on clearance for $19.

    Here are my questions:
    1. What kind of dividers do you use for your sections?
    2. Do you alphabetize your sections? Or put them in some other ‘logical’ order?

    Any other tidbits of advice for how to organize my binder? I have quickly become ‘buried’ in coupons and though that’s a good thing, I need to get them organized so I will use them!


  3. You really need to divide items up in a way that helps you. How i do it is buy item type. fruits with fruits, candy with candy, soups with soups. But some people divide by stores, or by manufacture. It really just depends on what makes sense to you. Let me know what works

  4. Where did you get your photo sheet protectors to hold your coupons? I haven’t been able to find any with 4 or 3 pockets. Just wondered if you ordered them online… or what store you got them at. Thanks! I love your website. I’ve been following some other coupon mom’s blogs or sites, but i find yours the most informative and easiest to understand!! : )

  5. I found mine at walmart….look near the photo counter, or in the craft section. Other people use baseball card holders too.

  6. thanks! i’ll look harder : )

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