Free Kashi Bars at Target

Are you ready for some free Kashi bars!!!!!  At my local Target these are priced $2.89 a box.  Do you want to get them for FREE, here is how you do it.

Use $1 Target coupon, click here to print
Use $2 manufacturer coupon click here to print

It has been brought to my attention that the $1 coupon from Target is for, cookies, crackers, or granola bars.  But it does not say cereal bars, which the $2 coupon is for.  I have not made it into target to match up the bar code, to see if these will scan for this item.  I will let you know once I know for sure.  Has any one else tried it yet? But even if you are not able to use both coupons, .89 cents is a great price for a box of Kashi bars.


One Response

  1. Sarah, I went to my local Target (which I’m sure is the same one you go to) and the cereal bars were $3.89. I was able to use both coupons on each box I bought. I bought 2 boxes of cereal bars and only paid .89 each! Still a great deal! Thanks!

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