Our Thrifty Friends Deals

One of our readers emailed us a great deal at Fred Meyers. They wrote: “We really like chocolate milk and we only buy it when I am aware of the buy 10 half gallons for $10. Last night we picked up 4 gallons of chocolate milk and 1 gallon of 2% milk for $10”
thanks Emily for the deal


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  1. First of all, I want you to know how much I love your site and all the effort you put into it. I visit it daily to see what “deals” you’ve found, and I really appreciate the work you do because it means I don’t have to.

    I did find a great deal at Fred Meyer yesterday. Besides running double points for the past week for all purchases, they had a coupon for buy one 18-pack of eggs get one free or buy one 12-pack English muffins get one free (up to 4). For the eggs, it meant a savings of $2.29 and the muffins a savings of $2.19 per item. After last week’s Winco special I am very stocked up on eggs and English muffins (thanks to you)!

    They also had a special on Seventh Generation Organic cleaning products (25% off). I went online and found a couple manufacturer coupons for $1 off so that my normal 1-quart of bathroom cleaner would have cost $4.99 but after the 25% off it was $3.74 minus the $1 coupon equaled $2.74 per quart which meant I got the items for 55% off.

    I realize you may be able to get another product cheaper, but to me if a product makes my eyes water or gives me a headache or I have to leave the fan on or open windows to stand the smell, I know it’s not doing good things for the environment or the people around me smelling “clean”. Baking soda and vinegar work great to make your own cleaning products at home, but if I can get an organic product at a great price I jump on it.

    Thank you again for all you do to help us save our hard earned money!

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