Albertsons – Kraft BBQ Sauce for .25 cents

Here is how I did it:
Buy three at once and you will get them for .25 cents each no coupon needed

Albertsons ad says buy any 3 participating products and save $3 dollars instantly off of chicken.  But the store manager at the 5 mile and Ustick store told my friend Kim that it takes $3 dollars off weather you buy the chicken or not.  So I went to my own local store and tried it out.  Sure enough I bought 3 Kraft BBQ’s and it took $3 dollars off instantly.  NO COUPONS just Albertsons having a really THRIFTY deal.

Normal price for 3 would be $7.47  But I paid only .75 cents + tax 
That’s over 90% off WHAT A THRIFTY DEAL


3 Responses

  1. My Jewel (albertons affiliate) has them for .99 each, save $2 off chicken.
    So I did it today.
    But I’m going to go back tonight and try to get 3 for $1.
    Interesting how diff areas run the sales different-another one-the popcorn by me is but 1 get 1 free. You said the cashier has the 3 free coupon? How do I find out if my store has that?

  2. I knew the cashier would have one, being that it was printed on the front page of the ad. I would just ask the store Manager if they have coupons for that product. They normal know what coupons they have around the store. All our store managers are super friendly….good luck.

  3. Dang, Sarah! I still can’t believe you get all these deals.

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