Albertsons- Kraft Cheese Sale good till Feb 3rd

Normal price $4.99 a bag, I paid only $1.49 a bag

Here is how I did it–  Albertsons has a coupon on the front of their ad for Kraft Cheese $1.99
This is an in-store coupon and can be “stacked” with a MFR (manufacturer) coupon.
Yes you can use TWO COUPONS on one item.  When I was in the store I noticed a stack of Kraft coupon books,( next to the candy at the front of the store).  I looked inside and noticed a $1 off 2  Kraft cheese products. I grabbed two books so I could use 2 coupons on 4 bags of cheese. This is a photo of the coupons I used.

I went through the line twice, because the in-store coupon has a limit of 4 bags per person

Paid $6.44
Total saved $13.52 about 70% off

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  1. Question about stacking at Albertsons – in the weekend inserts there were coupons for Tag Deoderant $1.00 off each and buy two get one free. Question: Albertsons has this 2 for $7.00, so if i buy 3 and use my 3 $1.00 off Tag and albies doubles i get $6.00 off and then use the coupon for the buy two get one for an additional $3.50 off making the whole purchase for three $1.00 – is this example of coupon stacking in compliance with all of the coupon rules and regulations? It makes sense to me but i want to avoid a misunderstanding at the register.

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