Walmart is marking down clearance toys.

I just got a call from my Aunt who lives in Middleton.  She wanted to let me know that when she went to the  Caldwell Walmart today they were taking an additional 50% off the  clearance price.  I was there yesterday they have about 3 rows over in the home and garden section…..all clearance toys.

She also went to  Caldwell Albertsons (next to the rodeo grounds)  and they had Marked the Pillsbury pie crust $3.29 down to $1.00  She also found Glad steam cooking bags on clearance for $1.15  but she used the “peelie” MFR coupons for .60 cents off she paid only .55 cents.
  Thanks Patty for the Thrifty tip!
This brings up a great tip, always check the mark down items, and the clearance section.  Most stores let you  use a MFR coupon if the item is on clearance.  This  makes the item  even cheaper, or possibly free.  BUT you have to carry your coupons with you so you can use them on your unexpected finds.  I will  do a later post on my coupon book I carry with me.

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