Walgreens ad deals Jan 25-31

My Thrifty Walgreens deals

ALL these items for $18.17
All these items at normal price would have been $69.14
But with Walgreens coupons, MFR coupons, sale price and register rewards I saved $50.97 
This is how I did it

First I looked through the Walgreens Sunday ad and  found the items that were on sale PLUS what I had coupons for, then I cut the store ad and paper clipped it to my coupons.  I wrote the number of items I plan on  getting and what my final cost should be on the front.   I went at midnight, the store was nice and calm.  That late I  could think and not feel rushed.
Walgreens tip- You can use more than one coupon on items at Walgreens.  You can use the in store coupon,  a Manufacturer coupon, and a Easy Saver coupon.  Yes that is right 3 coupons on one item. A few times a month you find items that work out like this, and they are normally free or you make money back on them.

  •  TUMS when you buy Participating products,  buy $30 get a $10 register rewards
  •  I bought  4 Tums Quik Pak 24 ct. and 4 normal TUMS $4 each for a total of $32
  •  I used  4 $2.25 off MFR coupons and 4 $1.25  off MFR coupons from Sundays Paper
  • Since I bought 8 Tums I got back $10 in register rewards ( coupons that print out and you can use them like cash on your next trip)  I got 8 packs of Tums for $8 paid only $1 a package

    • Listerine Mouthwash 2/$9 get back $4 register rewards (for purchasing 2)
    • Use two $2  MFR coupons
    • I got back $4.50 in register rewards for my next shopping trip
    • Final price 2/$1, Yes that is right only .50 cents each

    • Excedrin 20 ct Express Gels or 24 ct Tablets buy one get one free
    • I paid $4.99 for the first package then the 2nd package was free
    • You can use two coupons even though the 2nd item is free, To print your own $2 off coupons click here
    • I paid .49 cents a bottle

    • Hershey’s Candy Bars buy one at .89 get one free with in ad coupon
    •  I used the buy one get one free coupon from the 1/25 Smart Source Insert
    • I had to give  the MFR. buy one get one free coupon 1st to take off .89 cents
    • Then gave the cashier the in store ad coupon which will take off another .89 cents
    • I paid nothing…..FREE

    • Reese’s Hearts 7.2 oz. 2/$5 with in store ad coupon
    • I used the  $1/2 Easy Saver (books in store next to ads)  coupon on pg 4
    • Then I used the $2/2 coupon from the 1/25 Smart Source Sunday Insert
    • I paid 2/$2, ONLY $1 per bag!

    • Puffs .89 with in store ad coupon
    • I used the .25 coupon from the  Sunday paper 
    • I paid .64 cents!
    Walgreens Tip- Walgreens computer will only allow you to use as many coupons as you have items.  If you have more coupons than items it will beep at the cashier and not work.  MOST the cashiers have no idea why it beeps, so you have to remember to have more items than coupons.  The computer system does not count the in store ad as a coupon, BUT they do count easy saver coupons, MFR coupons and catalina Register Rewards.  So how do you get around this? You buy a few really cheap items like 8 for a $1 valentines bags and then you will have more items than coupons and it will work.  Today I bought 2 tubes of tooth paste, I had 2 MFR coupons then I tried to pay with a Catalina Register Reward from my last trip.  The computer counts the Catalina as a coupon so it looked like I was buying 2 items, and using 3 MFR coupons. To get around this I bought a pack of gum.  Then it went through with no problem.


    3 Responses

    1. Wow! You are doing a great job of being very specific about how you do this. I can see I need to get to a Walgreen's and pick up their little book. It also looks that I need to do some 'collecting' (of ads & coupons) before I'm really ready to 'dive in'. Thanks so much. I can't wait to try it, but feel like I'm learning all ready. 🙂

    2. Another question … how does sales tax work into all this? Maybe a silly question, but I am just realizing I don’t pay sales tax here in Oregon, but I will in Washington, which is where I have ‘access’ to most of these stores. 🙂

    3. You will pay tax on the price of the product before the discount. Using coupons is like cash, (the store will get paid by the manufacturer) so you have to pay tax on the price before the coupon. For example when Albertsons was giving away free soda we had to pay 8 cents tax on each soda.

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