My Thrifty deals, Ocean spray and 7UP 1-24-09

 Last night I posted 2 links to print coupons out for Ocean Spay at Target,  I had some shopping to do in that area today so with my coupons in hand off to Target I went.  They only had one bottle of light juice left, which was $2.19 after my 2 1dollar of coupons I paid only .19 cents.
But I still had 3 other sets of coupons to use.  The sugar free was $3.19 a bottle, I did not want to come all the way back another day to see if they had more in stock so I used the coupons  and bought 3 bottles at 3.19 and after all my coupons I paid only $1.19 a Bottle.  To me it is not worth another trip to try and find it in stock.  Make sure you always plan your shopping trips  so you don’t waste gas and time going for only 1 item.
As I posted this morning we were able to get 6 bottles of soda at Albertsons for FREE.  On our way back home I made a quick stop to get the lettuce they had on sale ( I forgot it earlier)  The man in line ahead of me had 5 sodas and the cashier gave him 5 free coupons…….I was in SHOCK!  I asked the cashier how many you could get for free and she said 5.  So I got out of line and got 5 sodas.  Matt did the same, he also bought 4 cases of water, which is on sale too.
Long story short, Thanks to Albertsons great deals we got 17 Free 2 liters today!!!!!


4 Responses

  1. My goodness–34 liters of soda. That’s a lot.

    Your teeth will love you.

  2. Ya I know, I will make sure to brush a few extra times… so I can still enjoy my good deal.

  3. Valerie and Alison want to thank you for the wonderful web site! We’ll be visiting often to find all those screamin’ deals and will tell lots of people about it!

  4. Thanks Sony, I hope this info helps get you some thrifty deals! Please tell all your friends!

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