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Snapple .25 cents a bottle!!!!


Wow this is a great deal!!!  I just got the heads up that my Caldwell Albertsons ( stadium store)  Has 12 packs of snapple on sale for $3 a 12 pack.  The 4 packs are only $1, most of what they have left is Iced tea.  They are switching to plastic bottles, so all the glass  bottles have got to go.  This sale is at the Caldwell store only, and it is while supplies last!  I might just have to go grab me some snapple!  I love Albertsons!!!

img_0469I just got back from my “snapple run”  I was happy to see they had a large display.  I was able to get 12 four packs, for a total of  $12.72.   At normal price this would have cost $60.00, thanks Albertsons for the Thrifty deal!

Q&A- Using 2 coupons on a buy one get one Free

question-mark2Question: My cashier would not let me use 2 coupons for the BOGO ( buyone get one free) items . Was this just a crabby cashier or is this a Walgreens policy?

Answer: First off let me say a buy one get one free is a promo  the stores does.  It works great because it gets you to buy 2 products instead on 1.  If you think about it, you are really just getting 2 items 50% off.   If the store marketed it that way most people would only by 1 item.  But when it is buy one get one free, you buy 2.  They store is able to move more product this way.  You can use 2 manufacturer coupon on 2 items 50% off item with no problem.  But for some reason you will find trouble when you try to use the same 2 coupons on a buy one get one free sale.  Some store are much more coupon friendly that others.  Click here to read a letter from Corporate Walgreens stating that yes you can use 2 coupons on a buy one get one free deal.  It is a good idea to print this letter and keep it with you.  Thanks to Moms by Heart for this letter!

Ebates is Great!

I just received an email asking about what Ebates is. So I thought I would repost this.

Ebates is a Portal.

A portal is a path from one spot to another. Its an easy way to find something in a centralized location.
Ebates is a store list directory that gets deals, coupon codes, or cash back incentives from stores, both online and walk-in-to type retailers. You name it they probably have a deal for it.
First sign up, if you haven’t already, by logging into Ebates here
Second chose the store you would like to shop at.
Ebates then sends you to that particular store website.
From then on you are shopping through that store as if you typed their name in to a search bar yourself, EXCEPT…
Now you will get cash back, or percentage off, or what ever the deal was that you saw when you first clicked to enter that site. Ta-da..that simple. Just a portal to get deals.
Now “A Thrifty Mom” browses Ebates to find large percentages, or large cash back incentives and will post them here at our site. Think of it as weeding out the so-so deals.
Oh did we mention just for signing up Ebates puts $5 bucks into your account there. So as you shop at the stores you pick from, you build up a bank of cash that Ebates will send to you as a “BIG FAT CHECK”. You can set up your account to get that check as an actual paper check, or sent to your Paypal account( that’s how we have it set), or you can donate it to charity, or have it sent to a friend in need. It is sent by the way you set it up as on an automatic cycle. Now it does take about a day or so for some stores to report back to Ebates. So don’t be alarmed if you buy something, log back into Ebates and there is no increase in your bank stash. Check it out here

Kohl’s gift card…Check your mailbox!

img_04621I love checking my mailbox!  Today I got an ad from Kohls,  attached to the front was a $10 gift card good towards anything in the store.  It is good April 22-31, I will be planning a trip to Kohls to see what THRIFTY deals I can find! Did you get one in your area?

Taco Bell refried beans .25 cents!!!

 taco-bell-beansAt Albertsons there is a catalina on Taco bell products.  The beans were not marked as part of the catalina.  I got an email from one of my readers last night telling me that when you buy 4 cans of Taco bell refried beans, a $3 catalina prints out!  The beans are ringing up for $1 a can, so after the catalina they are only .25 cents a can.  

4 cans of beans pay $4 then after you pay get back a $3 catalina

The manager and I checked this deal at the Caldwell (stadium store) to make sure they are printing…and it worked.  The problem is they were not aware of this promo so they only had a few cans  in stock.  The manager has ordered the beans, their store will have a large shipment Friday night, ready for Saturday.  The catalina deal only goes till the 19th ( Sunday)  so long story short you only have a few days to get in on this great deal!  If you can’t find them in stock at your store, you might want to plan a trip to the Caldwell store on Saturday and stock up on beans.  

Thanks Kim and Cherice for this Thrifty Tip!

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My Thrifty Walgreens deals

Before sales and coupons these items would have cost $26.73

I was able to get them for $3.51

I paid with a gift card so they were totally FREE

Plus I got back $11.00 in catalina coupons


Here are the details:

Chex mix on sale .99 cents

  • used .50 off 1 coupon (Not sure what insert if came from)
  • final price  .49 cents

Mentos gum on sale 2 for $2

  • used $1.00 off 1 coupon  3/1 smart source
  • final price FREE

Skintimate shave gel $2.99

  • a Register reward prints after you pay making it FREE

Colgate toothbrush $3.29

  • a Register reward prints after you pay making it FREE

Fiber Choice tabs $2.49

  • a Register reward prints after you pay making it FREE

Scunci hair bands $2.00

  • a Register reward prints after you pay making it FREE

Chap Stick True shimmer $2.00

  • a Register reward prints after you pay making it FREE


I was able to pay $8.50 in register reward catalinas from last week, the rest I paid with a gift card ( from doing last months rebates)  So total out of pocket was $000  it was totally FREE.  Now that is a thrifty deal!  

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